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Welcome. We are a community of experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches providing talking therapies to individuals, couples and families across the UK.

Come to us for a safe and confidential space in which to navigate life’s challenges and improve your mental health, be it online via Zoom / Skype or face-to-face from our comfortable rooms in Islington, London.

You can either choose the therapist yourself or you can let us help you find a good match.

Who we are

Like our clients, our therapists come from all walks of life and like us, they value individuality, diversity, compassion and integrity.  All are richly experienced in supporting people with current stresses or longer term struggles.

Our therapists are trained to help you explore and better manage your thoughts, behaviours and relationships.  While lots of people have heard of CBT, we offer many styles of therapy to suit the different personalities of clients that contact us.

You can read about each therapists’ training and approach in our therapists directory and contact who you feel most drawn to.

Who we help

We are generalists, which means we are trained to help with a wide range of issues – personal, relationship or work related.

We offer therapy to adults, couples, children and families on a short or long term basis.

Anxiety, loneliness, life transitions and stress are some of the most common reasons people seek our help. But we also see people for reasons that are harder to define; feeling unhappy, stuck or general concerns about wellbeing, for example.

Find out about other common issues we help with.

Services we offer

Online Skype / Zoom therapy so wherever you are, you can have access to therapy.

Help finding a therapist or a space to ask questions pre-therapy if you’re not sure what would be right for you.

Flexible session times including early morning, late evening and weekends to suit the time poor.

Therapy in different languages.

Find out more at services we offer.

Therapy during covid 19

The virus is having an enormous impact on mental health. If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety during this time, seeking therapy can help you navigate a way forward to make life more manageable.

City Road Therapy is offering low cost psychotherapy for people struggling during this difficult time.

As well as online therapy, some of our therapists are available for face-to-face therapy sessions in our practice in Islington, London. Read about the safety measures we’ve put in place to ensure you feel comfortable visiting the building.

City Road Therapy rooms in Islington London

Our Therapy Rooms

All our rooms are light, serene spaces with large Georgian windows. We’ve taken care to decorate and furnish them with art, plants and textiles so they provide therapists with the right environment in which to see a variety of clients.

City Road Therapy, calming therapy rooms in Islington, London
City Road Therapy, calming therapy rooms in Islington, London
City Road Therapy, calming therapy rooms in Islington, London
City Road Therapy, calming therapy rooms in Islington, London
City Road Therapy, calming therapy rooms in Islington, London
City Road Therapy, calming therapy rooms in Islington, London
City Road Therapy, calming therapy rooms in Islington, London
Therapy rooms to rent in London

Therapy rooms to rent in London

If you’re looking for therapy rooms to rent in Islington, London, why not join the community of counsellors and therapists who’ve chosen to build their busy private practice at City Road Therapy?

Find us

Our practice, in Islington, London, has fantastic transport links which makes it easy for clients and therapists to get to us.

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Looking for a therapist but not sure where to start? We can help

If you want to find a therapist but you don't know where to begin, you’re too busy or you’d just appreciate some guidance, we can help you refine the search.

Tell us more about what you're looking for and give us an idea of days and times of day you would, ideally, like to see someone. (As well as evening, we are open for early and mid morning sessions, afternoon and weekends.) We will do our best to match your preferences and we will send contact details of City Road therapists for you to consider. Occasionally we will offer alternatives if we can't provide an exact match, as many of our therapists run busy private practices.  We will respond to your request for an 'email response' on the next working day. If you opt for the 5 minute call, we will call you within 48 hours of receiving your email.

Please be aware that City Road Therapy is not a crisis service. If you do need immediate support, please contact the Samaritans who offer a 24 hour support line.  You can call them for free on 116 123 or email In addition, because our building is a period property, we are sorry to say that the space is not wheelchair friendly. 

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