Important information for therapists: please read before booking rooms

Welcome to City Road Therapy! We hope you enjoy practicing in our space.

This is a must-read for all therapist booking rooms at City Road Therapy.

What’s covered: 

  • General information for all therapists booking ad hoc hours, either during the week (for block booking renters only) or on weekends
  • Specific information for weekend only ad hoc renters.
  • Our house agreement – please read and follow to help us maintain the smooth-running of the practice for you and your clients.

When you can book ad hocs

  • Therapists and coaches who book a block are welcome to book ad hoc hours on any day during the week where there is availability.
  • Therapists and coaches using our rooms at weekends for ad hoc sessions are invited to book ad hoc hours in available rooms on a Saturday or Sunday only
  • You will see availability during the week but we’d really appreciate if you please don’t book Monday-Friday because those spaces are kept aside for regular renters.

Room availability

  • Ad hocs are offered where we have available space and can be booked up to a month in advance
  • We ask everyone to resist making bookings any more than a month ahead in case a therapist plans to book a whole block.

Booking rooms

  • Everyone renting at City Road has been issued with a booking log in and sent instructions on how to book ad hoc hours. You can also download our online room booking instructions for further information.
  • It’s easy to make multiple bookings, just use the form at the bottom of the booking page.


  • We reimburse ad hoc cancellations if given 24 hours notice
  • If you need to cancel an ad hoc you just cancel via ‘My bookings
  • This sends us an email to confirm your cancellation and you’ll be reimbursed via Paypal.  

City Road Therapy house agreement

Here are just a few house rules to ensure a comfortable working environment for all.


  • Timekeeping is vital! If you book a 2-3pm room slot for your 50 minute session, the expectation is that you can have the room from 1.55pm – 2.55pm.  This means you will need to book your client appointments on the hour, have five minutes to set up the room, and five minutes post-session to write notes, gather your belongings and leave the room.
  • Please don’t allow your session to run over.  It upsets the waiting therapist and their client and can disrupt a session.
  • If you’ve booked a different room to the one you usually use, don’t forget to let your clients know about the room change.  Please greet your client at the front door and see them up to the room.
  • If someone is in the room you’ve booked, please know you are entitled to knock and enter.
  • Everyone at City Road Therapy fully intends to stick to the time boundaries in place.  If a therapist runs over, please be professional in your handling of the situation, and talk to that therapist at a later point if clients are present.  I’m also always available if you’d like to discuss any issues.


  • Sorry for the inconvenience, but cars and motorbikes are not to be parked on the drive outside City Road Therapy. There are pay and display bays on Colebrooke Row and Elia Street.


  • Extra chairs, should you need them, are stored behind the chest on the attic landing at the top of the building.  These will be needed if you are booking group ad hocs in either room 1 or 3. Room C has its own set of chairs behind the screen.


  • We have two toilets and they are located on the third split level.  Therapists and clients are not permitted to use the toilets near the basement – they belong to the business downstairs.
  • Please remember the kitchen is a space for therapists only.
  • If you fancy a ‘real’ coffee please help yourself to the pods in the cupboard and remember to make a 30p contribution to the honesty jar in the cupboard.

Heating and ventilation

  • In the summer months we will provide fans.  Our tried and tested solution when using the fans is to opt for the static option by pulling the button behind the fan head (rather than oscillating); place one in front of the therapist and the other one in front of the client.  This will hugely increase the cooling effect in the height of summer and makes it manageable when it’s over 25 degrees outside.
  • Most rooms have RCD adapters on the plug sockets (some of the triple points don’t yet but they will soon).  This means any faulty wires/electricity issues will trip only that plug, rather than the whole building. They work in exactly the same way as a normal plug, but the electricity will only work if the RCD is ‘on’ (the visual indication of it being on is the red bar on the socket).
  • If you cannot work the kettle or a lamp, please check the RCD is on by checking for the red bar.  If you cannot see the red bar the RCD has been switched off so you will need to press the reset button.  If it doesn’t work and if it trips again, please let me know.

General housekeeping

  • Please kindly leave the room as you have found it.  This includes small changes in the placing of seating because many therapists need psychodynamic-style continuity of furniture placement to maintain a holding environment.
  • Please don’t leave any items in the downstairs hallway such as bikes, scooters or pushchairs, even for a short period.  If you have a pedal bike you can lock it to the railings outside the front door. If you don’t have a lock you can bring it into your room if there is space (please check the wheels are clean!). Clients may not bring bikes into the building unless they are folding ones.
  • Spare light bulbs and batteries are in a box on top of the cupboard in the kitchen.  I will ensure there is always a good supply.
  • Even though the room bins are emptied twice a week, if you have food waste that might smell please try and remember to put it in the kitchen bin.
  • If the tissues are finished during your session, please get a new box for the next therapist.  They are stored on top of the kitchen cupboards.
  • In Winter, we ask that the radiators stay on level 3.  If you do adjust them when you are in the room do ensure you put them back to level 3 when you leave.

Any problems?

  • Please get in touch with me first thing on a Monday morning if you need to report anything such as breakages, building issues, or if you’ve experienced any problems working in the space.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions you can contact us by phoning Kate Roberts on 07913 225598 or by emailing