Anxiety and panic attacks

There is so much out of our control in life, and at times this can cause great anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry, nervousness or fear. It is part of life, but at times anxiety can escalate and become overwhelming and hard to cope with.  A specific, traumatic experience of feeling powerless may have lead to intense anxiety, or it may stem from a build up over many years.

You may worry about how others see you (social anxiety), about your role at work or how others perceive you in sexual situations (performance anxiety). You may feel anxious about a forthcoming exam, your health or that of a loved one. Or you may have fears about the world at large.

If you have anxiety, you may experience distressing physical symptoms, including difficulties breathing, heart palpitations, over-sweating and insomnia. Anxiety can sometimes lead to panic attacks.

Our therapists can help you open up to different ways of responding to life’s uncertainties and acquire the skills and practices to reduce anxious feelings significantly.