Feeling stuck, uninspired or lost

Therapy isn’t only for people in dire straights. It’s common to feel stuck in a rut or lacking in inspiration at points in your life. You may feel this because of a significant life change, such as leaving college or a job, or after having children. Or your feelings may have emerged more gradually.

Therapy can help you re-engage with yourself, your feelings, your body, and your desires and strengths. Devoting focus and energy to exploring your thoughts and feelings may be all that’s needed to help you feel more inspired and potent in your life. Therapy can help you develop a more philosophical approach to life, enabling you to accept what you can’t change and be more aware of what you can.

Some of our therapists incorporate mindfulness or creative techniques into their therapy sessions. If you’re feeling stuck in your head or disconnected from your body or creativity, you might find these approaches particularly beneficial.