Food issues and eating disorders

Sometimes our relationship with food can become complicated. You might keep thinking or worrying about food when you’re away from it. Perhaps you think about food, meal-planning or rewarding yourself with ‘treats’, and that thinking has become intrusive? Or developed repetitive behaviours around food, for example, overeating when you feel anxious or unsafe? You might have tried to change the way you view or behave around food, for example, by dieting or trying to eat more healthily, and not been successful.

Sometimes problems with food and eating are grouped with addiction and obsession issues since they can all involve compulsive behaviours. However, unlike other types of addiction, you cannot give up food and you have to come to terms with living with it.

Our therapists can help you overcome or reduce intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviours around food. They can work with you to tackle any deeper issues and feelings that you may not realise are there, but that sometimes can underlie eating problems.