Grief and loss

Grief is a natural process, but the strength of feeling it causes in the first few weeks or months can be worrying and talking to a therapist about this can be helpful.

Sometimes grief can be suppressed, delayed and remain hidden – an ungrieved loss. Or grief can be prolonged, and you get stuck in the feelings. This can be frightening as there aren’t many emotional states more intense and overwhelming than raw grief. Perhaps you can’t concentrate, or cannot begin anything new in your life?  Or you might feel nothing in response to things you deem important.

Grief can be for any loss, not just caused by losing a close person. Grief may come after losing a meaningful career or losing an ideal (for example, Brexit created grief reactions in ‘Remainers’).

Our therapists can act as a kind of ‘witness’ to all the difficult emotions that come with grief, and this can help reduce your suffering in a way that talking to other loved ones cannot. Following therapy, you might feel more able to expand your horizons and engage with life again.