Parenting issues and family conflict

Arguably it’s more challenging to be a parent now than ever before. There is no such thing as a typical family, but you may feel that something is not quite right and not know what the problem is. Even if you can identify the issue, you may feel powerless to address it. Either scenario can lead to feelings of worry, self-doubt, frustration or anger on your part, and children may display challenging, overly-compliant or withdrawn behaviour.

You might be finding it difficult to cope if you are going through separation or divorce from your partner. Lone parenting and also step-parenting is challenging, as is looking after a child with physical, learning or mental health difficulties, or helping the family deal with a traumatic event.

If you are a parent of a baby or young child, you might be struggling to cope due to lack of sleep, or concerned you have postnatal depression (PND). Or you might be a parent to a teen struggling with exam stress. Perhaps an adult child is unable to afford to leave home, and this is creating tensions in the family? Or maybe they’ve moved out, and you have what’s often referred to as ‘empty nest’ syndrome?

Whatever the issues, many of our therapists are qualified to offer parenting counselling and can:

  • Offer you a safe and non-judgemental space in which to talk freely about the issues worrying or frustrating you
  • Allow you to explore how the way you were parented might be affecting how you parent your child (also called ‘intergenerational trauma’)
  • Help you better manage stress and deeper issues that might affect how you respond to your children.