Romantic relationships

If you feel you are finding your relationships difficult or unsatisfactory and can relate to any of the following you might benefit from relationship therapy:

  • Your romantic relationships tend to break down badly
  • You struggle to be single and feel stressed rather than empowered by all the modern dating options available
  • You feel or act anxious, possessive or avoidant when you are in a relationship
  • You feel unhappy in a relationship but find it difficult to make changes or end it
  • You lose a sense of self when you are in a romantic relationship
  • You feel others judge your romantic or sexual choices
  • You find it hard to move on after a relationship has ended
  • You fall in and out of love, and your relationships don’t outlive the ‘honeymoon phase’ (the first 18 months or so).

Our qualified therapists can help you make sense of how and why these things might be happening. During therapy, you may discover that you are repeating in your daily life the patterns of relating that you witnessed in childhood.

Over time, our therapists can help you get in touch with the emotions that are connected to the issue, even feelings that you didn’t know were there. This process can free you to relate more vividly, and help you meet future partners who can offer a consistent relationship. Therapy can make you feel more ‘complete’ in yourself, and reduce the feeling of yearning to be in a romantic relationship.