Sexual anxiety

Anxiety about sex can be distressing and can affect your confidence in many areas of your life. Some of the reasons why you might struggle with sexual issues are:

  • Problems with disliking your body, or concern about your weight
  • Anxiety over sexual performance, or about being able to enjoy sex
  • Premature ejaculation or vaginismus
  • Anxieties about how other people perceive you
  • Concerns that you can’t enjoy sex
  • Problems in your romantic relationships
  • Difficulties about your sexual orientation
  • Worries about some of your sexual desires or sexual fantasies.

When your self-confidence is low then it’s easier to feel unwanted, or even to misinterpret other people’s actions and feel rejected. Our therapists can help you develop strategies to manage this. Often the sexual problem is a symptom of something else that needs resolving. Exploring any underlying issues with a therapist can improve the way you feel about yourself and potentially also improve your sexual functioning.