Work and workplace issues

Many people spend a lot of time working. If you’re struggling at work, this can affect you at other times and in other areas of your life.

There are many reasons why you might find work and the workplace difficult. Starting a new job or returning to work after having children, restructures, redundancy or starting a new business can all present challenges.

If for any reason you’re being bullied, or feel sidelined, discriminated against or victimised by someone in the workplace, you might start to feel trapped and develop low self-esteem and confidence, anxiety or depression.

Your relationship with work itself might be complicated. If you’re working long hours, you might start to feel resentful. Or perhaps work has become your primary focus in life, and you feel frustrated by people or events that you perceive are standing in the way of your progress? Alternatively, you may be aware of a work-life imbalance, but don’t know how to change things for the better.

Our therapists can help you identify the core issues, develop strategies to manage better in the workplace, or develop other sides of your character if you feel you are over-attached to work. A number of our therapists offer coaching for professionals looking for greater clarity, confidence and commitment to what matters most to them right now, and for the future.