Therapy for children

Just like adults, children can find life very difficult at times. If they are having persistent difficulties with their mood or behaviour, then your child may find it useful to speak to a psychotherapist.

Our therapists can help your child with the following problems: shyness, anger, temper tantrums, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and confidence, grief, self-harm, communication problems, family break-ups, social exclusion, bedwetting, sleeping difficulties, and food issues and eating disorders.

Therapy can develop a child’s confidence and communication skills. Our therapists can help them understand and cope with difficult feelings so they can form better relationships with others and feel more content in themselves. Children can sometimes benefit from receiving systemic family therapy, which is counselling for the whole family.

Our child psychotherapists will support your child to explore and explain their experience through assessment, empathic conversation, and by observing their behaviour and play. All our child psychotherapists are fully qualified in child development and behaviour and draw from their training to best understand and work with your child.