Therapy for couples

Successful relationships require work on all sides. Some therapists explain this by saying that there are three parts to a relationship – you, me and us. Our couples counsellors can help make the ‘us’ a more harmonious place for couples.

Some of the common reasons why you might seek couples counselling include:

  • You want help engaging with each other after experiencing a traumatic event
  • One of you wants to end the relationship
  • You feel that you repeat the same cycle of conflict
  • You aren’t showing or receiving sufficient care and affection
  • You have clashing values or cultural backgrounds
  • One person feels aggrieved by the other’s behaviour
  • You want to improve the way you function as a couple.

As an independent third party, our relationship therapists will support and challenge you to work better together.  Therapy can reveal buried feelings and behaviours, and lead to a more in-depth understanding of your impact on each other and new ways of relating.