Therapy for teenagers

Teenagers can suffer at times, either due to a particular life event or as a result of ongoing stresses. As a teen, you have to deal with the psychological and biological changes that happen during these years. You’ll face challenges ranging from exams, deadlines and decisions about the future, to social pressures and temptations. These factors can feel vast and overwhelming and result in high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem and confidence. Pressures during the teenage years can also lead to self-harming, food and eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse or relationship difficulties.

Many teenagers describe having difficulty finding the right words to describe what they are experiencing. You may experience ‘brain freeze’ or ‘flight or fight’ responses.

A number of our therapists specialise in working with teenagers. They can help you express yourself and understand your experience away from outside pressures. They can support you to manage and cope with feelings and decisions, and to communicate and relate more easily and skilfully, so you feel calmer and better able to navigate your life.

The teenage years can also be a worrying time if you’re a parent. You may also wish to seek support, either through individual therapy for yourself or alongside your child. Teenagers tend to be more open to receiving counselling as a family once they’ve had some time in individual therapy.