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Emma Tracey

I view therapy as a unique form of conversation. It may begin tentatively, or it may begin with overwhelming feelings. People seek therapy for many reasons, and sometimes those reasons change during the course of therapy. You might initially need support in the midst of a crisis; sometimes a long-standing issue has reached a point where you feel you can’t carry on as things are; or you might come purely because you would like to discover more about yourself.

I provide an accepting, open and supportive space for you to speak safely and in confidence. I regard therapy as a collaborative process, where together we explore what has led you to this point and enable you to discover new ways forward.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy with Emma

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist, offering long-term and short-term therapy.

A psychodynamic approach draws on the understanding that our present emotional difficulties often stem from patterns established in our past. When we repeat these patterns without understanding them, we can feel stuck, out of control, empty or disconnected from our real selves.

By talking together to explore your thoughts and feelings, we can shed light on these patterns, enabling you to see present emotional difficulties in a new way. People have often described this as seeing what was already there, but through a different lens.

As this new understanding develops, you can be relieved of the uncomfortable feelings and symptoms you’ve been experiencing. Over time, this insight enables you to do things differently and to achieve real, lasting change.

This process can involve speaking about painful feelings and distressing experiences, so it is important to find a therapist who feels right for you. For that reason, I suggest meeting for an introductory session, to give us the opportunity to consider how we might work together. If we decide to proceed, we commit to meeting once weekly, for sessions of 50 minutes.

Qualifications and experience

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, having trained at WPF Therapy, a leading academic and clinical institution for psychotherapy (accredited by the University of Roehampton).

I trained and worked as a bereavement counsellor for the national charity Cruse.

I am a member of the professional bodies UKCP, FPC and BACP and I adhere to their ethical codes of practice and confidentiality.


£75 per session

I offer a limited number of concessionary places – you’re welcome to ask.

A lack of feeling ‘real’ | Anxiety and panic attacks | Childhood abuse or trauma | Compulsive behaviour or repetitive patterns | Depression or feelings of despair | Eating disorders | Feeling stuck or lost | Feelings of stress | Grief or loss | Insomnia | Lack of focus or poor motivation | Low confidence or self-esteem | Relationship difficulties | Self harm or suicidal feelings | Troubling physical symptoms such as IBS