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Jacqui Jameson

I use cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP to help people who are stuck, confused, or feeling lost in life, to enable them to empower themselves, reconnect with their intuition, and see their journey with clarity.

Hypnotherapy is useful for uncovering the root of an issue that may be weighing on you, causing you to act in unhelpful ways, or frustrating positive change.

People have been coming to me for 10 years for help with personal or spiritual growth, inner child work, anxiety, phobias, workplace problems, self-confidence or simply feeling directionless and unsure what to do next. Some express a need for more spiritual connection, soul work, or past life regression.

Hypnotherapy and NLP with Jacqui

We work together as a team, accessing and transforming unhelpful patterns as you move towards where you would rather be.

I start with a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions you may have. This is followed by a two-hour hypnotherapy session addressing the main concern, then regular one-hour sessions. You may get some practical homework.

Those with a spiritual mindset may want to experience soul work or past life regression – these are 2-to-5-hour one-off hypnotherapy sessions focusing on what you would like to understand or achieve.


Quest Institute Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP (from 2011)
QHHT Level 1 and 2 (from 2012)


Cognitive hypnotherapy: £75 per hour
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: £290 for 4-5 hours
Past life regression: £145 for 2 hours

Concessions and skill swaps available

Career problems | Connecting with own self and inner wisdom | Effects of narcissism in the family | Feeling stuck or lost | Finding root causes of issues | Inner child | Nightmares | Personal growth | Phobias | Spiritual disconnection