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Jessica Leigh

My practice is currently full.

A warm, intelligent and experienced humanistic therapist and teacher, I provide effective short and long-term counselling psychotherapy to adult individuals in person and on Zoom. Competent and compassionate with a good sense of humour, I have been privileged to witness extraordinary transformation in therapeutic relationships with a diverse range of people. In my view, quality therapy helps us understand ourselves more deeply, enabling positive change and identifying pathways to a more fulfilling and authentic future.

It can be an enormous relief to face troubling feelings. Whatever’s on your mind, I can support you to make sense of it safely and move forward with greater understanding, confidence and even some va-va-voom.

Humanistic therapy with Jessica

Specialisms include depression and anxiety; working with gifted, high achieving and high-profile adults (in complete confidence) and relationship concerns of all kinds, including recovery from coercive, toxic and controlling situations. I offer therapeutic support to those with ADHD or related conditions and have a particular interest in LGBT+ matters including relationships, identity, sexuality and gender issues.

People bring a wide range of preoccupations to therapy:

  • You may be feeling ‘too’ sensitive or stressed, anxious, guilty or depressed
  • You may be lacking in confidence or self-esteem or feel isolated
  • You may be struggling with current or historic relationship, family or work problems
  • You might be battling with unresolved loss and bereavement, or memories of early neglect or abuse
  • You may be wrestling with obsessive thinking, a need for ‘control’, social withdrawal or disordered eating
  • You could be trying to understand a sense of ‘failure’ or disappointment, ‘Imposter Syndrome’, a negative mind-set or dysfunctional relationship patterns.

Or, you might just have a vague sense of despondency. Sometimes we feel sad, low or troubled without a clear reason, simply a sense that something is ‘off’.

If you would like to find out how therapy could help, please get in touch for an initial session.

A former TV producer, I retrained ten years ago when mental and physical crisis forced a complete personal and lifestyle overhaul. I had been a therapy-cynic (feelings, what?) but was humbled after my own experience of counselling proved revelatory. This is why my preferred therapeutic approach is existential, a style which sits under the ‘humanist’ umbrella.

Existentialism simply means ‘about existence.’ (Often, this boils down to understanding ourselves in relationship with others). When facing problems, stuck points or sadness, its gently questioning process seeks to define who we really are, what matters to us uniquely and how we can move closer towards behaviours and attitudes that encourage authentic and meaningful lives. In sessions we might consider your habits and values, patterns in relationships and – moving at a comfortable pace for you – may reflectively examine and connect the life events, memories, assumptions and circumstances that have shaped your beliefs and views, past or present.

Working with a neutral, trained, listener can safely help join the dots between thoughts and feelings, creating fresh perspectives for the future and coming to terms with past events, even deeply traumatic ones.

I am naturally open-minded and will always work in a confidential, boundaried and professional way. Hopefully, this will enable you to feel OK sharing distressing stories or difficult feelings in the room.

Where appropriate, I may draw on a range of extra tools and training, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, to inform and progress the work as well.

Qualifications and experience

  • RM, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Distinction), University of Brighton
  • LTCL, Teacher’s Diploma, Trinity College London
  • ATCL, Communications Diploma, Trinity College London
  • BA, Developmental Psychology and English Literature, University of Auckland

Additional training and experience: Neuroscience and Psychoimmunology; BPS-approved Clinical Supervision Skills; Relationship and Couples Therapy; Cognitive Behavioural and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy; Coaching Skills; Vulnerable Adult training; Eating Disorders and Trauma and Bereavement Therapy.

I have also developed and delivered anger-management and self-esteem groups.


£90 for 55 minutes online
£90 for 50 minutes in person
£90 for 55 minutes by phone

I have several £60 concession slots (these are currently full).

Anxiety and panic attacks | Bereavement and grief | Childhood abuse or trauma | Depression | Eating disorders | Family and relationships | Gender and identity | LGBTQ+ issues | Loneliness and feelings of disconnection | Low self esteem and confidence | Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) | Sexual identity | Work related issues