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Katie Sellwood

CBT with Katie

I am passionate about CBT as a therapeutic approach. I use it to work with clients to help them to understand the nature of their problem, how it affects them day to day and the different ways in which it impacts on their lives. I work with clients to help them to identify what might be keeping the problem going, the maintaining factors, and how we can make changes to these. I also find it helpful to think about how the problem started, and experiences that the client may have had in life that are relevant to it. CBT tends to focus more on making changes in the here and now, but can involve re-examining past experiences, for example, to help process trauma or change long held beliefs.

At the beginning of therapy, I take time to work with the client to form a joint understanding of their problem and what they want to achieve in therapy/ their goals, to ensure that the therapy meets their needs. In my CBT work, I incorporate approaches such as mindfulness, self-compassion and working with imagery (the pictures we see in our mind).

I work with a wide range of physical and emotional difficulties including: low mood and depression; low self-esteem; perfectionism and self-criticism; anxiety (specific phobias, health anxiety, generalised anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviour); trauma including physical, sexual or emotional abuse, assault, and road traffic accidents; and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other persistent physical symptoms.

I am happy to discuss with you whether I think I can help with your difficulties.

Qualifications and experience:

I am a cognitive behavioural (CBT) psychotherapist accredited with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP).  I have an MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy and have been employed as a CBT therapist in the NHS since 2009.  This has involved working in primary, secondary and specialist services providing CBT assessment and treatment for mild – severe, emotional and physical health difficulties.  I am also involved in the training and supervision of trainee CBT therapists.

Session Availability:

In person – Wednesday mornings.

Online – Wednesdays late afternoon/evening and Thursday afternoons.


£95 per hourly session

Insurance – AXA

Anxiety | Depression | Emotional abuse | Low mood | Low self-esteem | OCD | Panic attacks | Sexual abuse | Trauma