City Road Therapy

Merly Kammerling

I am an NLP therapist who also utilises training and experience in person-centred therapy and as a stress-reduction coach. I believe the link between our present behaviour and thought process is strongly connected to past experiences and beliefs, which can create an unhealthy state of mind and coping.

Working safely and openly with a therapist can make it possible for us to change our unhelpful thought process into something more useful, bringing ease and clarity to our perception of self and how we deal with issues from the past, present or future which have caused one to feel ‘blocked’ or distorted.

Integrative therapy with Merly

The focus of NLP is to bring change in perception of self and develop choices in response to the way we communicate and deal with the situations life presents. Whilst, person-centred therapy focuses on facilitating personal growth and the relationship with self by allowing a client to explore and utilise their own strengths and personal identity.

This integrative approach is beneficial to those who have an urge to explore themselves, their feelings, and for those who want to address specific psychological habits, unhelpful patterns of thinking and are looking for healthier ways of coping and acceptance.

Seeking help and deciding what could work best for you can be daunting and confusing, the most important part of the experience is not the jargon, but rather the human instinct of whether there is therapeutic chemistry between you and your therapist.

Qualifications and experience

Diploma in Integrated Psychotherapeutic Studies
Certified NLP practitioner
CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Skills: Person-centred
Bereavement peer support training – NHS / Islington Bereavement Service
Diploma in teaching Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation
Certified Mental Health in the Workplace Instructor


First session is £60 for 75 mins and 50 mins thereafter
Online sessions via video-call £50 for 60 mins
Free 20 minute phone consultation prior to first session

I offer a limited number of lower cost sessions for people on a reduced income – please ask for details.

Abuse | Addiction | Anxiety | Depression | Distress | Grief or loss | Identity issues | Lack of purpose | Lack of self worth | Life changing events | Low self-esteem | Professional issues and pressure | Relationship issues