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Michael Collins

I am a BACP/BPC registered counsellor and psychotherapist and BACP senior accredited practitioner with over 28 years experience working with individuals, couples and groups of all ages, sexual orientations and ethnic/cultural backgrounds.

Integrative psychotherapy with Michael

In my work with individuals and couples I use an integrative approach drawing on various theories and concepts (psychodynamic, attachment, relational, cognitive, systemic, transpersonal) and dependent on your presenting issues/needs I can provide short-term focussed therapy and/or longer-term in-depth psychotherapy.

Underpinning my approach is the importance of the therapeutic relationship as the main catalyst for change. Rapport, trust, safety, reliability, containment and a therapeutic relationship that is robust enough to manage all that is brought into the therapeutic space are vital components in the process of gaining understanding and insight, finding hope, acceptance and strength, and making desired changes.

Issues I help with

Most of us, will at some point, and for various reasons, experience emotional/psychological challenges which can impact upon and limit the quality of our lives – relationship difficulties, or being ‘stuck’ in self-defeating/repeating unwanted patterns of behaviour, perhaps finding it difficult to accept feelings around past/present/future life events, or maybe anxious, angry or depressed about yourself and life in general.

I offer a confidential, safe and reliable place for you to make sense of your current difficulties, and through the establishment of a trusting therapeutic relationship will endeavour to help you to explore past formative experiences and future concerns, which may be impacting on your present-day choices and decisions, and in the ways that you form and maintain relationships with others, and how you see, think and feel about yourself.

Qualifications and experience

My professional training began in 1990, whilst I was working as a project worker in a residential setting for alcohol/drug misusers. I then worked as a university staff and student counsellor, before moving onto the NHS where I gained extensive experience of working as a psychotherapist and organisational consultant with patients and staff in a variety of NHS settings. I am currently a visiting lecturer for a number of counselling and psychotherapy trainings.

I have gained an MSc in psychodynamic therapy with individuals and a diploma in working with couples. I have also trained as a psychosexual therapist and clinical supervisor.


£50 – £70 for individuals
£70 – £90 for couples