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Sinisa Savic

I am a BACP registered, experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, offering short (specific issue based) and long-term therapy. I have worked with adults of all ages, cultural backgrounds and sexual identities, supporting a variety of emotional difficulties. My particular interest lies in the area of treating anxiety and depression.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy with Sinisa

We all face different emotional challenges, especially at certain junctures in life – whether it’s through struggles within our own internal world, or in close relationships with other people. Some of these difficulties may be brought on by current external events; others may feel like they’ve always been with us, showing up as self-sabotaging behaviour or feelings of being out of sync with the world. As such, we may end up feeling overly stressed and anxious, finding it difficult to cope and even more difficult to see a path forward.

Overcoming these difficulties is not an easy task done alone, and a vital part of the process is having the experience of being seen, heard, and understood by another person. A good therapeutic relationship helps you uncover and work through deeply-rooted conflicts and beliefs that are negatively impacting upon your life, and helps you face up to the difficult task of resolving them.

Whatever you might be going through, I’d be very interested to hear about it. Please feel free to email or call me to arrange an initial consultation so we can talk about what you hope to achieve and how best to get there.



Masters in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counselling, Birkbeck, University of London.


£50-£80 (some concessions available)

Addiction | Bereavement and loss | Depression | Emotional abuse | Family issues | General anxiety and panic attacks | Mental abuse | Obsessive thoughts and behaviour | Physical abuse | Relationship difficulties | Self esteem | Self-sabotaging behaviour | Sexual identity | Sexual issues | Social and health anxiety | Stress | Suicidal thoughts | Trauma | Work and study challenges