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Sophie Linnett

Making the first step of accepting that help might be required can be daunting. You have made that first step. Therapeutic counselling can help you understand and make sense of the person you are. How you relate to, and respond to certain people and circumstances. What are your triggers? How you feel about your situation and relationships. I offer that mental space to help you through those difficult feelings.

Psychodynamic counselling with Sophie

By getting to know and accept our inner selves we have a better chance of having more realistic and satisfying relationships with others and also ourselves. Connecting with our feelings and patterns of behaviour may also mean we avoid destructive and unhelpful relationships and ways of living in the future as well as in the present.

Powerful negative feelings can impact on our relationships, both personal and professional, our work and our sense of self. I offer confidential counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I aim to help people gain a greater understanding of why they feel the way they do, and as a consequence manage their lives differently. I work with clients to make sense of their issues and difficult feelings. This may involve trying to explore the relationship between thoughts and actions, with a view to helping to enable change to happen. Therapy can offer a safe place to talk, space to think and an opportunity to explore and make choices.

I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor specialising in adult difficulties and mental health. I help people with a variety of difficulties, offering short-term, long-term or open-ended counselling depending on the needs and issues of my clients. I am supportive, non-judgmental and thoughtful, encouraging and facilitating my clients to resolve life stresses, helping them to continue their life journey.

My background is in business, particularly working with those at senior levels within the FTSE 250 to improve communication and messaging. I have also worked with many clients of all ages, ethnicity and social backgrounds at an NHS surgery in the Barbican, a career coaching company, and an older age group at AGE UK.

I am registered member of the BACP and adhere to its code of practice. I am accredited with BPC.

Qualifications and experience

  • BA(hons), MSc, MBACP, BPC


I charge a sliding scale of £60-£90 depending on a client’s circumstances.

Abuse | Anxiety | Bereavement | Depression and suicidal thoughts | Life transitions | Low self-esteem | Managing life-changing experiences | Phobias | Relationship problems (work and personal) | Stress