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Yuliia Sheremeta

My practice is for clients who need sessions in Russian or Ukrainian. I offer an open, heartfelt presence that allows you to express your true thoughts and feelings.

The primary goal of psychotherapy is to facilitate individual development, whereby “a person becomes who they have always been”. Jungian psychotherapy is based on restructuring conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality, followed by the creation of new values and goals. We can work together by talking, paying attention to your dreams, listening to bodily sensations, or using art to access a deeper understanding of what is happening, in order to assist you in moving.

Jungian psychotherapy with Yuliia

I am a Jungian analytical psychotherapist. I have been practicing since 2012. My professional interests revolve around working with dreams, exploring symbols, and their impact on life. I work with trauma, depressive states, relationship issues, various mental disorders and many other enquiries.

As a Jungian psychotherapist, I follow the psychodynamic approach that emphasises systematic study of the psychological forces that underlie human behaviour, feelings, dreams, fantasies and emotions, and how they might relate to early experience. Besides, it is based on the recognition that our psyche can self-regulate if the following conditions are met:

  • a clear, safe and confidential therapeutic setting
  • the presence of an empathetic person

As a therapist, I provide time and space in my therapy room where a person can safely share and reflect on their experience.I am experienced in working with clients online.

As a member of UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), I follow their ethical guidelines.


As well as a degree in psychology, my professional development includes:

  • Сourse “Jungian analysis and modern concepts of psychoanalysis” in the Ukrainian Development Group IAAP
  • Сourse “Psychological Counselling and Jungian Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents” – The psychoanalytic infant observations for 2 years
  • Course in Israel Jungian School
  • Currently I have been doing a course for the specialty “Jungian Analysis” in the IAAP


● Accredited in UKCP
● Member of WMIP
● UDG IAAP (Ukranian Development Group IAAP)
● UUP (Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists)
● Professional Association of Child Analytical Psychologists

Languages other than English

Russian and Ukrainian


£85 per session

Anxiety | Apathy | Depression | Loneliness | Loss | Low self-confidence | Low self-esteem | Mental health | Postnatal depression | Relationship problems | Sadness | Separation and divorce | Separation anxiety | Spirituality | Stress | Trauma