Gaynor Wilson
    Gaynor Wilson

    Gaynor Wilson

    I am a cognitive wellbeing hypnotherapist and EMDR practitioner who works with clients to help them make rapid, positive change in their behaviour, thoughts and feelings leading to a more positive experience of life.

    Before becoming a hypnotherapist, I worked my way up from the shop floor to become an executive director of two international businesses. In 2012, I recognised that I felt burnt-out, fed up and not able to relax and enjoy myself. I realised that I had been feeling like this for a long time and it had just become my new “normal”. I sought help from a hypnotherapist and was amazed at how effective it was at helping me overcome my anxiety and gain a new zest for life.  This experience led me on a four-year journey of learning, training, researching and developing my knowledge, therapy, hypnosis and EMDR skills. I wanted to help other people like I had been helped.

    Hypnotherapy and EMDR with Gaynor

    I specialise in helping clients overcome insomnia, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and other anxiety-induced conditions and symptoms. My work also supports personal development in assertiveness, confidence and dealing with performance anxiety.

    I use a number of cognitive and behavioural approaches both pre and during hypnosis to help clients overcome their anxiety. I also teach self-care and coping skills to ensure that clients can remain calm and confident when faced with challenging and unexpected situations in the future.

    I use EMDR therapy to specifically help clients who suffer from intrusive thoughts and disturbing emotions resulting from past traumatic experiences. EMDR can be combined with hypnotherapy if appropriate. Most clients would have been four and eight EMDR sessions to reprocesses their traumatic memories and become a person who can love, bond, feel secure and find joy in living.

    Qualifications and experience

    I trained with the UK’s leading hypnotherapy training company, HypnoTC and am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. I am a full member of the following professional organisations:

    • General Hypnotherapy Register
    • British Institute of Hypnotherapists
    • Federation of Holistic Therapists
    • Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council who are in turn regulated by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA)


    First session – 90 Minutes £130
    Subsequent sessions – 55 Minutes £100

    I also offer the following packages:

    • Overcome Anxiety 5 Session Package £400
    • Overcome Insomnia 4 Session Package plus MP3 £375
    • Overcome Performance Anxiety 4 Session Package £350

    I also offer a free 30-minute consultation to all new clients so that we can meet and discuss your issues and how I can help you.

    Issues I help with

    I work with clients who would like to make behavioural and cognitive changes.


    Instagram: @positivehypno_uk
    Facebook: positivehypno