Judy Graham
    Judy Graham

    Judy Graham

    I am a gestalt therapist with over 30 years experience offering psychotherapy (short and long term) for individuals, groups and couples, executive coaching, supervision and teaching (workshops on ageing and empowerment for women).

    Gestalt therapy with Judy

    My approach to working in the sessions is grounded in the ‘here and now’ of the immediacy of the therapeutic encounter.  Staying with the obvious in ‘our dialogue’. I hope you will find a connectedness with yourself that allows you to experience yourself fully, in your thoughts, your feelings, and your body sensations.

    Through this awareness you will learn to trust yourself clearly and with confidence.  This creates a base for reinstating a sense of wholeness in your being in the world and in your environment.  The themes of this encounter are going to be dictated by your interest, needs, and requirements. I take pride in helping you THRIVE not just SURVIVE.

    Qualifications and experience

    Masters in Social Work (group work and community organisation)
    Gestalt Psychotherapy Clinical Training  
    Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
    Brief Therapy
    Alcoholism Studies
    Analytical Group Work
    Management and Supervision
    Native American Medicine Wheel


    £80 individual (negotiable)
    £100 couples
    £30 group  
    £75 workshop


    My services

    Therapy for individuals
    Therapy for couples
    Executive coaching
    Supervision for therapists

    Issues I help with

    Common issues I help with include:

    My special interests include:

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