Laurent Lagasse

    Laurent Lagasse

    I am an integrative psychotherapist and trauma specialist. I am an accredited Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing practitioner and a Comprehensive Resource Model practitioner. I am BACP accredited and registered. My work is confidential and non judgmental. My practice is open to people from all sociocultural background regardless of nationality, religion and sexuality.

    Integrative psychotherapy with Laurent

    I use EMDR which is approved by the World Health Organisation and recommended by the National Institute for Health Care Excellence. It promotes significant progress and faster recovery with most common mental health problems such as anxiety, phobia, anger, eating disorder, depression etc. It is quickly effective for processing simple traumas, eg car accidents, witnessing something very upsetting, bullying on social media etc, but it also helps get to the root of the problem of more stubborn behaviours such as anger, addictions or lack of motivation. I work with common issues such as depression, work related stress, grief, divorce, men’s issues and intimacy.

    As well as EMDR, I rely heavily on the Comprehensive Resource Model to develop resilience and to help process traumatic events that happen early in life and may be forgotten but still impacting current life. This is particularly helpful when working with complex trauma.

    Qualifications and experience

    Comprehensive Resource Model

    EMDR Accreditation, EMDR Europe

    EMDR Children and Adolescents

    Somatic Trauma Therapy

    BACP Accreditation, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

    MA Integrative Counselling, London Metropolitan University

    I have over 10 years clinical experience in private practice and organisations such as Transport for London, Amnesty International, Save the Children, State Schools and Employee Assistance Programs.


    £80 for individual sessions
    £100 for couples

    Languages other than English


    Issues I help with

    Men issues
    Bullying at work/school
    Parental advice
    Lack of direction in life
    PTSD and minor trauma
    Lack of resources
    Eating disorders
    Sexual issues