Marianna Vogt
    Marianna Vogt

    Marianna Vogt

    I am a dramatherapist and clinical supervisor. I have extensive experience working with people who are processing trauma, suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessive thinking patterns, self-harming behaviour or who are otherwise in pain, feeling stuck, alone or empty.

    Dramatherapy with Marianna

    How I work depends very much on who I am working with.  Each client needs something different and I use a variety of approaches in therapy sessions, depending on individual preference and need.  Some people prefer to stick to talking. With others I might suggest working through the body using movement, breath and physicality. I may encourage artistic expression through art materials, writing or drama exercises.  Most sessions combine several modes at once.

    I emphasise observing the specificity of individual experience, past and present, and using that as a springboard from which to initiate change and fulfill desires for the future.  While sessions certainly improve every day functionality, I believe the role of therapy is to provide a space for people to reconnect not just with health but with joy.

    Qualifications and experience

    Dramatherapy – MA Royal Central School of Speech and Drama/University of London
    Diploma in Clinical Supervision (group & individual) – Institute of Group Analysis


    I work on a sliding scale with a standard rate of £60.

    My first consultation is free, and during this time we will discuss all practicalities, including rates.


    Issues I help with

    Issues I help clients with include:

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