Maureen Miller
    Maureen Miller

    Maureen Miller

    I am a systemic and family psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer with over 30 years experience of helping individuals, families – including adult families – and couples to overcome difficulties they are experiencing in their lives.

    Currently, I work in independent practice and in the NHS, in child and adolescent services, as both a clinician and clinical supervisor.  I also work as a visiting lecturer at The Tavistock Institute and I have worked as a supervisor/trainer on the MSc Systemic Psychotherapy training course at The Institute of Family Therapy.

    Family and systemic psychotherapy with Maureen

    Systemic psychotherapy can be very useful in alleviating a range of problems that individuals and families commonly encounter.  As a therapist I can provide help and guidance for those experiencing difficult times.

    Systemic psychotherapy aims to promote understanding and collaboration in relationships and amongst family members.  I work in partnership with you and am sensitive to diverse family structures, relationships, beliefs and cultures. I respect the family’s and individual’s experience and aim to build on the already existing strengths.

    I focus on how the family might work together to bring about positive change, arranging sessions that can be with individual members or with the family as a whole.  Systemic psychotherapy may be used as the primary source of help or used as a complementary approach in conjunction with other support.

    When seeing couples and families I work as a co-therapist with my colleague, Emily Strang.

    Qualifications and experience

    MSc, Family and Systemic Psychotherapy, Birkbeck College, University of London/IFT
    AASW, Birkbeck College, University of London/IFT
    Post Graduate Diploma in Systemic Supervision, Teaching and Training, University of Bedfordshire/KCC
    MSc, CQSW, Bedford College, University of London
    MA, Psychology, University of Glasgow
    Registered with UKCP and AFT


    We offer a sliding scale of fees based on income, which we can provide on request.

    Issues I help with

    I work with families, couples and individuals affected by a range of personal and/or relationship difficulties, dilemmas and concerns.  These include:

    I provide clinical supervision to other professionals from a range of disciplines and trainings.


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