Rosie Chester
    Rosie Chester

    Rosie Chester

    I am an educational psychotherapist, working with children and young people between the ages of three and 18 who are struggling to learn and to live happily. My work is psychodynamic, that is it works with conscious as well as unconscious processes in order to explore and resolve difficulties.

    Educational psychotherapy with Rosie

    Educational psychotherapy can help children to become more resilient, secure and self-confident, can overcome blocks to learning and enable them to have improved relationships with their peers and within their families.  In short, to live more happily and to learn.

    I aim to offer the child or young person a safe space where they can explore their inner world, both conscious and unconscious, within a containing therapeutic relationship.  There is a strong element of free play but with the addition of some task based elements which might be related to the presenting educational difficulty so that this can be explored and experienced more immediately.  Sessions are offered weekly.

    Qualifications and experience

    Caspari Foundation – Advanced Diploma in Educational Psychotherapy


    £60 per session

    Some concessions possible depending upon circumstances.


    Issues I help with

    As an educational psychotherapist I work with children and young people who are struggling to learn but for whom the underlying reasons for this may be emotional rather than cognitive. These might include:

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