Rosie Jackson

    Rosie Jackson

    I am an integrative therapist working from a psychodynamic perspective. This means that I attach importance not only to current experiences and ways of relating, but also to how these may be linked to earlier experiences – understanding the underlying nature of the behaviour and emotions which are causing difficulty or distress can help to relieve suffering and open up the possibility for change.

    Integrative psychotherapy with Rosie

    I believe therapy can foster a sense of meaning and purpose in your life in the midst of very bleak or anxiety-provoking experiences.

    I have worked in a variety of settings including NHS mental health services, Mind, and Cruse bereavement care. I began my career in the arts and have a particular interest in the relationship between creativity and psychotherapy and how crisis can be a catalyst for change.

    Finding a counsellor or psychotherapist can feel confusing. The first step will be to arrange an initial meeting to discuss working together so that we can both get a sense of whether ongoing sessions will be useful to you. We will then arrange a time to meet every week for a 50 minute therapy session.

    Qualifications and experience

    Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling, Regent’s University London

    One-Year Foundation in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, WPF Therapy

    Issues I help with

    I work with individuals affected by a range of concerns and difficulties.  Some of these are:


    The cost of individual sessions is £65.