Yoni Pinkas

    Yoni Pinkas

    Seeking help is not easy.  Often, it is more difficult than letting things stay the way they are.

    I can offer you a safe space to think about these things in your life that aren’t working, and am committed to helping you challenge your usual way of going about things.

    Psychodynamic psychotherapy with Yoni

    You might be struggling with low mood, anxiety, or feelings of loneliness, without exactly being sure why. Or this might be around difficult events or life transitions, such as changes in employment or relationships, the loss of a loved one, illness, or a threat to life. We often find ourselves feeling stuck in the same place, or doing the same things over and over. We experience complex tensions and dilemmas surrounding friends and family life, personal development, work, and more, with no clear solution in sight. There might also be a general desire to think about and make sense of your life, to face your patterns and fears, and to change the way you do and see things. In these situations, psychotherapy allows you to freely and safely explore things with a professional, in a non-judgmental and confidential environment.

    Throughout your psychotherapy sessions, you will have the opportunity to raise issues that are currently on your mind and to explore underlying matters and themes, some of which you may not be completely aware. I will listen to you closely and will work with you to uncover the difficult areas of your life, and to think about things you might not ordinarily think about.

    Qualifications and experience

    I trained at the Tavistock Centre where I qualified as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, and at the Institute of Group Analysis, London, where I hold group-work practitioner status.

    I am registered as a psychodynamic psychotherapist with The British Psychoanalytic Council (registration number: 22120) and adhere to its code of ethics. I am also a member of the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists and a registered psychologist with the Israeli Ministry of Health (license no. 27-122497).

    I hold an MA in Clinical Psychology from Tel-Aviv University, where I have also trained in psychotherapy and group facilitation. You can also find me on Counselling Directory and at HQ Therapy.

    I am experienced in providing both long and short term treatment for adolescents and adults of all ages, in individual settings and in groups, and have worked with patients from diverse backgrounds in various organisations and institutions.

    Languages other than English


    Issues I help with


    An initial period before embarking on psychotherapy, might last 2-3 sessions, in which the two of us will meet and see if working together is possible and wanted. Throughout the consultation, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the issues that are on your mind, and consider options for treatment.
    1 hour and 15 minutes – £100

    A typically long-term, open, emotionally focused, and unstructured psychological treatment, in which the patient is invited to talk about whatever may be on his or her mind. It is greatly informed by psychoanalytic theory, which aims to explore unconscious processes. Though this exploration is often difficult, important themes and repeated patterns can emerge and promote new understandings about ourselves, as well as a greater sense of fulfilment and freedom.
    50 minute session – £70

    Clinical Supervision
    I provide individual and group supervision for clinicians from different backgrounds working in various settings. I work through a psychodynamic framework which can be applied to a range of modalities and might provide new perspectives to your work.
    50 minutes – £70

    A reduced fee may be considered for those on low income.