Establishing structure, meaning and connection will help you weather the COVID-19 storm

Therapy can help you identify where you already have these three elements in your life, and support you to cultivate them where you feel they are missing.

The situation with the coranavirus has brought with it stress and anxiety for many of us. A therapy session in itself is an opportunity to connect to yourself and your therapist and start making sense of things. Weekly sessions provide a structured way to make sure you don’t neglect to do this.

It is important to allow yourself space to feel the fear, grief, anger or other difficult feelings sparked by this crisis. Allowing these feelings may seem overwhelming if you are caring for family members, suddenly denied your regular routines or sharing a small space with multiple people.

As well as providing support to help you face the challenges, therapy sessions also offer a supported space in which to fall apart for a bit if you need to.

As long as you can find 50 minutes in a private corner with an internet connection, this support is available to you.

Our therapists are still here for you, whether you are starting therapy for the first time, or wondering if you can continue regular sessions. No ‘lock down’ will lock you out of accessing this support.

Marianna Vogt

Dramatherapist & Supervisor, MA, HCPC, BADTh

Marianna Vogt is a therapist based at City Road Therapy.  Marianna can be contacted along with our other therapists who are all available to support you, via her profile on the therapist directory.